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 Advice and Resources for Hosting Online Services

Regulations regarding how to contain the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19 differ from community to community and state by state, and many churches have have to be creative in how they offer worship meetings to the public when restrictions on local gatherings and "social distancing" are in place. Some communities are even on partial lockdowns.

At least four of our NAWE churches regularly broadcast services, and below are some examples. Feel free to watch and contact us if you have any questions on how we do it. 

    Danielsville Evangelical Church (via a Facebook video and Watch Party)
    Wesley Community Fellowship (audio via
    Faith Community Church (via Facebook video and Watch Party)

Below are a few electronic and online resources local churches we know have used to "forsake not the assembling:" -- video meeting app that allows face-to-face interaction. Good for small groups. -- an audio-based meeting app. Slides may be presented. Great for classes -- a call-in option -- great for staff meetings and prayer times. -- a device which allows a worship service to be easily streamed live via Facebook.

Also, we find the standard video recorder on your smartphone can easily be used to pre-record a service, which may then be downloaded to your church Facebook Page and scheduled as a Watch Party ( click here for tutorial).

If you're out of time and money and need a quick solution, using a standard smartphone and a simple camera tripod works quite well. You may want to use rubber bands or a large clip or vice grip to keep the phone/device attached and steady. There are plenty of accessories you can purchase if you plan on recording on a regular basis.

In addition, MethoBlog has an excellent write-up on ways to livestream a church service.

Below are some other tips and resources you might find helpful as you offer online services and meetings:


1. Promote

Get the word out via social media, newsletters, and texting to let your church know when you’ll stream live or post recorded worship services. (Don’t miss the free social media graphics at the top of this email to help!)

2. Prepare

If your church does not typically broadcast your services, recording can feel intimidating. First, remember that perfection isn’t necessary. Sharing God’s word is the most important thing right now. If you have professional recording equipment, great! If you’re recording from a smartphone, amazing! Many newscasters are beginning to record segments from their homes while in quarantine using smart devices, so you can, too.

No matter how you record, we recommend doing a test run before a live or recorded service. Double check everything from sound, lighting, how you will be setting up your recording device, battery life, charging cords, etc.

3. Relax

While you may normally look around the room during an in-person service, it's best to look at the camera so your audience can feel connected to you.

Don't forget to smile. If you seem uncomfortable in front of the camera, it will make for an uncomfortable worship experience for everyone, so take a deep breath and show off that grin!

4. Engage

Encourage your congregation to participate throughout the service. If you’re live streaming, begin with a reminder that comments are always welcome, and even ask for questions or answers specifically throughout the service. This is a great way to help your community feel like they are able to actively participate the whole time - both with you and other viewers (their fellow church goers!)

5. Follow Up

Make sure to share details for your next online service at the end of your broadcast, so your congregation can look forward to hearing from you again. If your church has a newsletter, encourage sign ups, so you can continue to share resources and keep everyone current on any upcoming live streams.

Also, ask for feedback from everyone. Digitally gathering is new for most of us, so getting an idea of what worked and what can be improved upon is a great way to start creating powerful experiences for everyone.  (Source: Worship House Media)

Free resources (courtesy of Worship House Media):

Facebook Group to discuss online worship ideas

Free Worship Graphics.

Worship media to stream online
   " Carriers"
   " Daydream"
   " Lord I Need You"

Hope-oriented sermon ideas

Free activities for children and parents

Free interactive games 

If you have anything to add to this list let us know!

Updated 3/25/20